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AnointedQuotes was created through prayerful thoughts and allowing Holy-Spirit to guide us, so we could decree a thing on everyday products. Giving a message of inspiration that can bring change to many lives.

I found out through a powerful message I heard long a time ago, that my MIRACLE was one inch beneath my nose. My mouth has more power that I knew about and once my heart caught the vision, I had to begin to speak it into existence.

Wear this Brand and know that Your words have Power to open doors to Communication.

Quote-it-n-Style ~ So they Hear you out Loud.

Tee-Shirts ~ Plus has many items for women, men, and children with a message of empowering quotes that have meaning.

Founder-Owner JBethea

Favor is: Having The KingDom Advantage

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Habakkuk 2:2 The Lord answered me......


Very encouraging to know that God's word is still the foundation in your business.

Thank you

I Like This Brand

Times have surely changed, but knowing what I wear carries a Message of Hope.

The name was catchy for me. Thanks


So glad you started your fall line again, where I am it's chilly already.

The Windy City.

Staying Warm

Keep up the good work

Owner of AQ-Apparel Plus, what an awesome site and I love how you are encouraging the world. I saw you at an event in Toledo, Ohio and it was great to meet!

A Supporter

God is a Healer

I purchased one of the throw pillows for a gift to remind them God is a healer.

Nice choice

Thanks AQ

Gift Idea

Remind yourself, the life you live is in Christ and that's how you're so GREAT because of HIM!

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Ideal Gift

You shall have what You Say! So Say it~till~You See it

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Just Believe

Know that you are HEALED and wrap yourself up in a Soft Throw Blanket

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